Monday, November 24, 2014

Process of Installation Wordpress on

Below is a detail process of installing wordpress on your

Download Wordpress to Your Desktop
Firstly you need to Download WordPress to your desktop from
Go to Your Cpanel at
Using your personal details at go to the cpanel and you’ll see a page where the titel will say ‘List of your domains‘. Choose your domain, and press ‘Go to CPanel‘.
Go to File Manager & Delet Public_HTML
When you’re at your CPanel, scroll down until you see a Titel that says ‘>> Files‘. Under that select ‘File Manager‘. Now a login screen appears. Just leave the username, and in the password type the password you used when you signed up. Then you should get into your FTP Server. Here you checkmark the ‘Public_HTML‘ folder, and press ‘Delete‘. Then you go to your desktop and open the WordPress archive, and inside it you name the WordPress folder ‘Public_HTML‘. When you’re done doing that, you go back to your ftp server, and press ‘Upload‘. Now you’ll see a page with 2 coloums. The first one is for normal files, and the second one is for archives. Press ‘Browse‘ or ‘Choose File‘ at the second coloum. Now browse to your desktop, and choose the WordPress archive. Then click the big green checkmark. Now you should see a page where it says that it was succesfully extracted and placen. Now click the big green checkmark again, and then the blue arrow.
Create Database by Choosing MySql
Now go back to your CPanel, and find a Titel that says ‘>> Software / Services‘ and choose ‘MySQL‘. Here you need to create a new database. In ‘MySQL database name:‘ you can type whatever you want your database to be called. In this tutorial we will be using ‘Test123‘. In the next one called ‘MySQL user name:‘ you’ll type the same as in database name, so we type in ‘Test123‘. Then you’ll need to type in a password. It needs to contain both numbers and letters. When you’re done doing that, you press ‘Create Database‘. A page where all the information you just typed in, will stand. DO NOT CLOSE THIS!.
Making Config File
Open a new tab, or window, and browse to your website/domain. In this tutorial we used ‘‘. A WordPress page should show if you’re done everything in Step 3 correctly. Here it will say that you need to make a configuration file, or something. Press the button. Now you’ll need to fill in the information from your MySQL database. Just go back to the other tab/window, and copy the information. Just leave ‘Table Prefix‘ as it is. Then press ‘Submit‘, and it should browse to your Admin Panel! Then you could simply open a new tab and go to your website again to see how it looks.
You are done

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Way of Earning My Browser Cash

My BrowserCash is a software application that allows user to earn money doing what the user or surfer is already doing, browsing the internet! (Using Firefox or Internet Explorer and now Chrome too).

Unlike most "Paid To Click" & "Paid To Read" sites, you do not have to be logged into the members area to earn cash Browsing the web. The software lets you browse just like you normally would but earn cash for viewing, clicking or taking action on advertisements. 

While you go about searching and browsing as you normally would, every so often our system will display advertisements (or by embedding them seemlessly into sites you visit so you will be making money and not even know it!).

My Browser Cash have multiple ways of showing advertisements and we keep them as non-intrusive as possible. You will see popups once and a while, and sometimes words on pages will be linked to advertisers, and when searching or browsing a site you may see a little text ad on the site. Popups and text boxes are branded with the MyBrowserCash name.
For the most part you won't see much difference from your normal browsing experience. We then take the money generated from these ads and share it with you!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Be Kept Your Links Natural Be Powerful | SEO The Real Game

One of the most essential guidelines when it comes to linking is to keep things looking “natural”. While we're individually trying to develop hyperlinks to our web page, we don't want Google to recognize this quite the invert, we want to do as much as possible to make it look like these hyperlinks were included independently by other sites that discovered our site, liked our content and desired post it as a useful source to their own visitors.

This implies variety in all factors of your inbound hyperlinks – the sites that link to you, the textual content they use and the keeping the hyperlinks. Consider some of the most well-known “automated” tips on how to develop hyperlinks for a few moments.

Let's take the example of content rewriting and huge distribution again, in a matter of a few times instantly search engines understands thousands of hyperlinks directing to your site, all from low excellent sites, on new webpages, with very identical content. In many situations there is a danger this will set security alarms buzzing at The look for Google HQ and the result won't be quite what you predicted. First of all if your content aren't tremendously different there is a danger many of these hyperlinks will be reduced. But far more intense is that the way this form of linking can be too apparent indicates that there is a danger you will set off the trash filter and Google and either get a charge or be delisted completely.

Not excellent, but this is the danger that many internet marketers (you?) take on a daily time frame. Personally I like to think of my sites as long-term tasks. I want to still be receiving look for results guests and generating residual earnings from my sites for decades to come. This implies I want my hyperlinks to look as regular as possible – as well as being the kind of hyperlinks that are going to “stick” my web page to the home web page of search engines. So now let's consider another substitute. Think about if your web page got described on the home web page of Yahoo, CNN or Problogger. First of all the truth that these power sites have attached to you indicates that your web page is probably top excellent and is a web page that Google or Yahoo should be focusing on (in a excellent way). But secondly thanks to all the guests on your web page from that one significant power link isn't it entirely regular and regular that quickly afterwards a whole coordinator of other websites – of various levels of power – will begin linking to you to? After all if your web page is top excellent, and you get it infront of a lot of individuals, some of them are going to backlink to you, wouldn't you agree? In other terms power hyperlinks are not only the best possible way to increase your search engine ratings and get constant, top excellent guests on automated but furthermore these power hyperlinks can also help to “hide” any reduced excellent link building you choose to do later on, improving the possibilities that they will have a way of life Style Revealed. All privileges set aside. positive impact on your overall ratings. Whichever way you cut it then, power hyperlinks are the way to go. They're regular. They're top excellent. They complete believe in and power on to you. They are extremely powerful for developing your seo and they'll even help to “mask” any lower-quality linking you opt for at some point. Put candidly – if you're serious about SEO then YOU NEED AUTHORITY BACKLINKS.

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